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Upcoming Performances

  ~ Maja Wood - Private Party.

  ~ Church service, Rockdale, IL

Music is love, everybody's sayin' it  . . . I'm aiming for fresh air & light ridin' on rhyme & rhythm. 

Listen To Songs(not live)

A good idea to plan for this while recordings are still being completed.  This one is built with a 1 7/8"  nut, for XL hands

The Role Of Music In Change

  • Your interest will help decide what the best use of this area is for all of us. 

Music IS THE Universal Language of LIFE

I wholly believe in the power of music to convey & clarify parts of life experience that are beyond words.  As these experiences can range from fear to a sense of the infinite, music has the potential to influence & guide listeners to places in their psyches that reinforce their positive thoughts and feelings.  It is also possible for music to help create emotional conditions that may open   ~new~ doors . . . doors of perception as listeners discover their own positive & uplifting reference

     points leading to:           entirely new: avenues of future:



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